Ideal Temperature for Home Thermostat

Programmable thermostats can make a big savings impact on your energy bill if used properly. However, many homeowners are unaware how to make the most of their programmable thermostats. Knowing the ideal temperature during the times you’re at home, away, sleeping or during the changes of seasons is the key to increasing your energy savings.

We are most comfortable with environments in the range of 70 Setting Temp in Appto 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. These temperatures are an ideal setting for waking hours. At times we are sleeping, adjust the scheduled thermostat to jus a few degrees higher – doing this for increments of 8 hours can significantly reduce energy costs. Adjust the thermostat similarly if you’re away from the home for long periods. It’s important to keep in mind that a 3-5 degree adjustment is the most that should be made. Otherwise, the system will overcompensate for the temperature adjustment when trying to return to cooler temperatures and your energy savings will be lost.

Couch IndoorsIn winter months, our bodies adjust to cooler temperatures and are most comfortable at 68 degrees. Keeping your thermostat within a comfortable range of 65-68 during waking hours and just a few degrees lower during sleeping hours will offer similar energy-saving benefits as raising the temperature in the summer.

If you plan on vacationing or leaving the home for longer periods of time, read our tips on adjusting your thermostat for vacation.