Can Rain Harm My Air Conditioning Unit?

Whether your unit is brand new or been through several seasons, there is little-to-no reason to worry about the rain affecting your air conditioner unit. Most of the parts in your outdoor unit are constructed of metal and can withstand even the most brutal of rainfalls, and the electrical components are sealed to resist moisture. It’s true, the Ozarks weather can be unpredictable and our storms vengeful, but your air conditioner is made to resist damage caused by rain and will continue cooling your home as usual.

Rain and AcHeavy rain alone should not affect the performance of your A/C unit, but you could have issues from the following:

When Your A/C is at risk

  • Severe Storms
    Though rain alone should cause no damage, high winds can cause tree branches and other debris to fall, potentially causing damage to the fan grille. Inspect your air conditioner unit after any severe storm and remove leaves or other debris around the unit. If you find debris inside the unit, contact a professional to remove it.
  • Floods
    As a general rule, up to a foot of rainfall shouldn’t cause an issue, but deep standing water and flooding can. As a general rule, if flooding is over 12 inches, moving parts and electrical components can be damaged by severe flooding. Contact your HVAC specialist prior to restarting a unit that has been exposed to flooding.
  • Rust & Corrosion
    While many homeowners cover their A/C units during the winter and fall, this could trap moisture inside and cause damage to the interior components. When covering your unit, make sure you have a commercial cover with proper ventilation. Never wrap the unit in air-tight plastic.

Lennox Repair PhotoUsing your Air Conditioner During Rainfall

For a properly functioning unit, it’s completely safe to use your air conditioner  during a downfall. In Fact, the moisture outside can help dry out the humid air in your home, making it even more comfortable indoors. Unless there is an existing problem with your A/C unit, it should function normally in all weather conditions.

If you have concerns about the performance of your air conditioner unit in the Carthage or Joplin area, contact Simpsons Sheet Metal today.